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Here are some ideas how I growing my mesembs and Haworthias:


Few words about my sowing.


Any reasonable is fine.

I am using my regular “self-forming structure” mix:

10% sandy loam

10% organic material (1:1 leaf mold : coconut coir)

20% coarse sand

40% coarse perlite/charcoal/pumice/lava rock/“Turface”

20% pea-sized gravel


“Turface” is available over US in many specialized stores. I am buying from “Ewing”. 50 lb bag (1.35 cu ft) of Turface MVP at the price $16.20.


Update. 100% “Turface” turned out to be rather good substrate both for sowing and growing most of Haworthias, mesembs, cacti. But culturing in it require adequate watering. To adopt it to my watering habits I started to add ~ 5% of the Acadama-like clay (1/8”-1/4”, 3-8mm) particles and make ~1/3” (10mm) cushion of a less coarse substrate (coarse sand/dirt mixture) on the top of the pot to slow down water passing a bit.



Most plants will do fine in 2.75”, 3.25”, 4.25” or 5” pots. For sowing using 2 1/4" SQ X 2 1/2" DEEP for Haworthias and Conophytums (2 1/4" SQ X 3 1/2" deep for Lithops and other mesembs) ANDERSON DIE &MFG. CO. Good for 25-49 (5X5 or 7X7) seeds, 100 seeds per 2cmX2cm as Hammer suggest in Bauer book - too much in my hands.


Filling pot with regular substrate. 1-1.5 cm on the top - finer substrate. Dry seeds - placing on the top of the soil, covering with the coarse sand ~80-90%. I am not covering with the film/glass, just watering every day. Kipping soil moist, not dump. Germination starts in 2-4 weeks (5-7 days for mesembs).



I am using ~0.1g/liter Miracle Grow tomato plant food 18:18:21 or Jacks Prof 77010 General Purpose Fertilizer, 20-20-20 with pH adjusted to 5.5-6.5 with every watering.



58oF-70oF (15oC-21oC)


Growing in the light tent with 2x LED 90W, 1x LED 135W (the last one on-off in 15 min cycle) - 12h cycle.